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Posted on April 7, 2013 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (29)
WE KNOW OF ONE MORE CASE of human mutilation, allegedly by UFO aliens, as reported by former police officer and now retired UFO researcher Don Ecker.
On the previously cited web page, Ecker reports on something he’d heard from fellow Ufologist Don Mason, several years ago regarding a known case of human mutilation in Idaho, circa the late 70s, coincidental to a rash of cattle mutilations in the area.
According to Ecker, “. . . he informed me that the investigator (who’d been assigned to another case) had come across a very mysterious death of a man back in 1979. According to the report, two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho had literally stumbled across the nude body of a man that had been hideously mutilated. The body was in the literal middle of nowhere, nude except for a pair of underpants, his sexual organs had been removed, his lips sliced off, and several other classic mutilation cuts.
“Although he was in very rugged country, his bare feet were not marked as if he had walked in that terrain, but yet no other tracks, animal or human were evident anywhere. After the police were notified, an intensive search was mounted, and miles away, the man’s possessions were recovered, yet no one yet knows how the body ended up where it was found, or even more importantly, what happened to him. It should be noted that this area also had over the years, many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations.”
So . . . there you have it. Three cases of UFO-related human mutilations, one apparently officially documented (Guarapiranga Reservoir case), the other two in the U.S. based, unfortunately, on anecdotal evidence. Although the Lovette Case of 1956 allegedly had official Air Force photos, autopsy reports, etc., filed at the time, the Air Force claimed they either never had such a case on file, or that it was so long ago, the files are all missing.
In any event, there does seem to be some smoke here. A lot of it, in fact, if those Guarapiranga photos are to be believed. And in 1988 no one had Photoshop or anything like it. And with that kind of smoke billowing all over a case or phenomenon like this, there’s bound to be fire somewhere.
More on this and any other confirmed cases of human mutilations involving extraterrestrial life forms, as events develop.
NOTE: If any of you reading this know of such a case, one that can be confirmed by some official agency or MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), please let me know. These stories are frightening, if true, and enough to piss off any red-blooded human being, right?
Plus, I gotta be honest . . . I like the photos.


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Researchers into the cattle mutilations phenomenon have uncovered the hushed-up murder/mutilation of Air Force Sgt. E-6 Jonathon P. Lovette, near the White Sands Missile Test Range, New Mexico, in March, 1956.
In this case, an eyewitness and fellow officer (Maj. William Cunningham) actually SAW Lovette being hauled into a "silvery disc-like object" and spirited away. Sgt. Lovette's mutilated corpse was found three days later ten miles downrange of the kidnapping site.
As in the Guarapiranga Reservoir case of 1988, Lovette's injuries were entirely consistent with known cattle mutilations, to wit:
  • The tongue had been removed from the lower portion of the jaw
  • An incision had been made just under the tip of the chin and extended all the way    back to the esophagus and larynx
  • He had been emasculated and his eyes had been removed
  • Also, his anus had been removed and there were comments in the official report on the apparent "surgical skill" of the removal of these items, including the genitalia
  • The genitalia had been removed "as though a plug," which in the case of the anus extended all the way to the colon
  • There was no sign of blood within the system. Initial autopsy confirmed that Lovette's system "had been completely drained of blood," and that there was no vascular collapse as normally occurs in a death by bleeding


Posted on April 7, 2013 at 10:08 AM Comments comments (53)
MUTILATION & MURDER-- Not Just For Cattle Anymore
The game has changed.
It seems not all UFO inhabitants are of the soft and fluffy, touchy-feely, ET or Close Encounters kind. Some of them are clearly malign, indeed fatal to us . . . and worse.
What's worse than fatal? You decide.
Consider the now infamous Guarapiranga Reservoir (Brazil) case of 1988. This outrage has received little coverage in the U.S. media, though the Internet has been giving it increasing focus over the years. As originally reported by Brazilian Ufologist Ms. Encarnacion Garcia, the most shocking aspect (besides the actual mutilations suffered by the victim) is how similar these injuries are to the countless cattle mutilation cases in the U.S. over the past several decades. Just a few of these similarities include:
  • The body, although extremely mutilated, showed no signs of struggle or the use ofrestraints.
  • The body appeared to be in an otherwise good condition (no obvious illness or other injury).
  • Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously.
  • There were no signs of animal predation or decay which might be expected.
  • Strangely, there was no odor to the body.
  • Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. (In fact, it was noted that there was a general lack of blood found in the body or on the ground around the body.)
  • Police photos show that the flesh and lips had been removed from around the mouth, as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations.
{"It is a carbon copy of the surgery seen in so
many UFO-related animal mutilation cases."}
From the website  "An autopsy report stated that 'the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied.' Removal of these body parts, including the tongue as here, is common enough in animal mutilation cases." (Ed.- But in humans?)  The page continues:
"The 'surgery' appeared to have been done by someone familiar with surgical procedures. The lack of profuse bleeding suggested the use of a laser-like instrument producing heat, thus immediately cauterizing the edge of the wounds. The autopsy report states that, 'The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest. Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs.'                          
"'You also find the removal of the belly button leaving a 1.5 inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity showing the removal of the intestines.' The report also noted the victim's scrotum had been removed, and that the anal orifice had been cored out, leaving an incision of about 3 to 6 inches in diameter.
"It is significant that the police and medical examiners were convinced the holes found in the head, arms, stomach, anus and legs were not produced by bullet wounds. What is most disturbing about the anal incision and the extraction of anal and digestive tract tissue is that it is a carbon copy of the surgery seen in so many UFO-related animal mutilation cases."
All the info above courtesy of For further coverage of this and other human mutilation cases, please see Mauro Porto's excellent reportage at
But be warned: the photos of the victim are extremely graphic and disturbing. Don't view them unless you're sure you can stand the sight of a mutilated human corpse.

At last, the critics have spake . . . spoken? Sprecht? Spewed? Whatever it is that critics do, they've done it. Click link below:

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Posted on February 4, 2013 at 3:14 PM Comments comments (42)
Hi, All ~
It's come to my attention recently that a great number of potential readers have shied away from The God Key  because they think it's about aliens and UFOs. WRONG.
As anyone who's read the book can tell you, it's about a young journalist named David Connors who stumbles across evidence that the god of the ancient Hebrews (YHWH) and the long line of "godlike" beings who've been visiting earth since Man was a monkey, are one and the same. ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, VISITORS and SCOUTS, not little green men in flying saucers.
It's about the Biblical Nephilim, and their identification with the godlike visitors the Sumerians called "Anunnaki." No green men. No gray men, either. Only Fallen Ones, or "Nephilim," as the Bible termed them.
So, if you want to read about the return of these beings, sometime ON OR AFTER 12/21/2012 {i.e., as in "any day now"}, and how Dave Connors and his sexy Mossad lady-friend try to stop them (by solving an ancient, Dan Brown-like series of codes and puzzles in the Holy Land), read the book.Don't buy it, don't send any money; you can download it FREE on your Kindle from JUST READ IT.
Then tell your friends it's OK: no aliens, no UFOs.

Giorgio Tsoukalos's Eulogy for Filip Coppens - Good Stuff

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 1:54 PM Comments comments (96)
I hope Giorgio doesn't mind my copying his Facebook post here, but I think these are words that bear repeating. As one of Filip's best friends and peers for past 17 years, Giorgio's take on Filip's passing are all the more insightful.
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos · 129,956 like this
My words at Philip Coppens' Memorial Service yesterday.

I first met Filip on August 18th 1995 at the Ancient Astronaut Society World Conference in Bern Switzerland. It was Filip’s first lecture for the society and, at the time, we had both come to the realization that we both wanted to pursue these topics as a full-time career.

We became friends quickly and when I founded the new Archaeology Astronautics and SETI Research Association in 1998 together with Ueli Dopatka and Erich von Daniken, it was Filip who suggested that our mission statement should read “The A.A.S. R.A. is determined to prove whether OR NOT extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past.” as opposed to just “The A.A.S. R.A. is determined to prove whether extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past.” which was how we had initially phrased it. Already in 1998 Filip displayed an extraordinary attention for detail.

In late 2008 / early 2009 our friendship deepened because Filip started to spend more and more time in Los Angeles because he wanted to see his eternally beloved, his soul mate, his inner fire, the radiant Kathleen MacGowan.

I welcomed this development very much because this period happened to be the early filming stage of a small 2-hour documentary I embarked upon called Gods, Chariots and Beyond which later became Ancient Aliens… As the consulting producer I was given the privilege to suggest potential experts in the field and I immediately threw Filip’s name into the ring. I was delighted to hear that our impeccable research team at Prometheus Entertainment had tracked down Filip’s whereabouts and he happened to be living in the Greater Los Angeles Area because of Kathleen!

From then on our friendship intensified over many endless nights we spent inspired by each others’ thoughts. I remember our times in the summers with him and Kathleen and their friends out on the porch as we gazed up at the stars, wine glasses in hand surrounded by candle light, recounting stories of yore and pondering the mysteries of the Universe…

Filip was about as prolific a writer as they can possibly become. Filip was a walking encyclopedia, a source of rare information that never ceased to amaze. Above all, Filip had the rare gift to convey complex information with easy-to-follow-explanations to even the most hard of understanding individuals.

In his short period on this planet he wrote a lifetime’s worth of work and while that may be satisfactory to many, as in, “Hey, look at how much he wrote, what he produced, in only such a short amount of time!” it sends my mind into a dark tailspin thinking of how much more, how many more lifetimes worth of work, Filip could’ve written had he only been given more time?

Where is the justice in all of this? What is the Universe trying to teach us here? What is the lesson to be learned? I don’t have a clue and I’m not going to pontificate about the deeper meaning behind it all because it makes no sense. Not this time. No words, no explanations, will ever fill the void and I fail to see the meaning in it all. There is none. At least not at the moment.

Krix and I went to see Filip multiple times in the hospital while he put up the most courageous of fights fraught with unparalleled pain and suffering… The last time I saw Filip was on December 23rd, 2012, and when we got up and left, when I looked at him one last time, he fired off a smile so bright, so happy, so content, that I knew right there and then that if this was Filip’s time, then this was his way of telling me, “Hey, Brother G, I’ll be alright!”

…and I know he is alright since he transitioned to the Great Beyond… because let me tell you something, he has already been working behind the scenes!

Only a few days ago, on the evening after he transitioned on December 30th, 4 hours after arriving in Miami, Krix noticed that her wallet had gone missing. She had accidentally dropped it on the plane and we knew what that meant. It meant that the wallet was gone. Probably for good. Despite the odds, we contacted the airline, filled out all the necessary forms online etc. The reply we got was that the airline only responds to those passengers whose items were actually found. The chance of something like this working out in your favor is zero to none!

…at 9:35am the next morning, Krix’ phone rang with the airline on the other end telling her that they had located her wallet. They found her wallet, with everything in it! To us, this was Filip’s doing. No question!

So, let me tell you! It’s good to have an active friend on the other side…!

But with all kidding aside, the world has lost an unparalleled intellectual mind, a thinker always on the prowl for answers, with an undying quest to seek answers for the impossible.

Let us all remember Filip’s smile as his memory shall fuel and guide our hearts, to inspire us in our steadfast pursuit to achieve new heights in consciousness…

In the words of the great Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nothing is ever wholly lost. That which is excellent remains forever a part of this Universe.” What a fitting observation. Filip is within all of us now.

I’ve proposed for a while that the period between when our soul leaves this earthly body and transitions into the next reincarnation, that period of time, however long it may be, IS heaven… So with this in mind, Filip HAS experienced heaven and for as long as I live I shall cherish the gratitude and wonder I know Filip felt when he was given the privilege to experience the Great Beyond, to be One with the Source, to be unconditionally given the answers Filip looked for his entire life…

Trailer for The God Key__book & movie

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 11:32 AM Comments comments (30)
Dude, movie. Check it:


Posted on January 3, 2013 at 12:52 PM Comments comments (41)
Philip Coppens (1971 - 2012) was more than just another guest on "Ancient Aliens," more than just another "investigative journalist," and far more than just another "author." He was all these things - and the best of the breed in each category - and more. Much, much more.
Filip, as his friends and fans called him, was a Chemist and Crystallographer, earning his B.A. and PhD from the University of Amsterdam. He could have billed himself as Dr. Philip Coppens, or Philip Coppens, PhD, or even Dr. Philip Coppens, BA, PhD. But that wasn't his style. Phil was a genuinely humble man, a brainiac among intellectuals and a giant among scholars in the field of alternative history, or "Ancient Aliens."
True, we've more than a few PhDs, MAs, BAs and BSs rattling around in the field (a lot of the latter, admittedly), but Phil's breadth of knowledge, research, investigative journalism, pure reporting, authorship and public speaking - to say nothing of his and his wife Kathleen's own radio show (The Spirit Revolution) - put him in a class all by himself. The only researcher/reporter/authors I know of who come even close to his standard of achievement would be Giorgio Tsoukalos, Graham Hancock, Dave Childress and, of course, the Dean of Ancient Aliens, Erich von Daniken. My apologies to any I may have overlooked; these are simply the names that I most associate with Coppens' level of expertise.
And, now, sadly - tragically - he is gone. Phil passed on just last Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, at the cruelly young age of 41. He had a LOT more researching, investigating and unveiling to give the community of ancient astronaut/alien adherents. But God, or Anu, or Vishnu, Krishna, Jehova, Allah, Adonai or YHWH, had bigger plans for him. And even though I never got to meet Phil personally, I've been reading his work assiduously - greedily, even - for the past several years. I can honestly say I miss the guy, and am entitled to be a bit ticked off at The Almighty for taking him from us so early. He had so, so much more to give.
For a full summation of Phil's astounding life and accomplishments - including breaking into publishing with his first book at the tender age of 23 - please see his page at:
R.I.P., Filip. We're gonna miss ya.
Καληνύχτα, γλυκιά Πρίγκιπα. Και μπορεί πτήσεις των αγγέλων σου μεταφέρω υπόλοιπο σου.


Posted on December 26, 2012 at 3:12 AM Comments comments (38)
The first Critics' reviews are in -- and they're GOOD. VERY GOOD.
THE GOD KEY - BOOK I: Return of the Nephilim
John R. Fogarty
Four Stars (out of Five)
“I don’t know what to make of it. Save the obvious,” a professor remarks when the hero of John R. Fogarty’s The God Key shows him a photograph of the strange markings on what may be the remnants of the original Ten Commandments. “Which is?” asks said hero, to which the professor replies: “That the God of the ancient Hebrews was an extraterrestrial. Of the same species that crash-landed outside Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.”
Not content with entwining these two threads, Fogarty sets his loom to weave the mother of all conspiracy theories, one that presupposes that God, Satan, and the angels were ancient astronauts who came to Earth, mated with prehistoric humans, dabbled in genetics to create a master race of giants and demigods, and are coming back to terminate the experiment on December 21, 2012, as predicted in the Mayan apocalypse.
Add to this a shadowy race of Watchers set to monitor humanity, some faceless spinal-fluid-sucking pet monsters, an evil government agency or two, and a sexy scientist, and, voilà, the plot is complete.
Fogarty’s story is every bit as ... outrageous as it sounds—but it works, wonderfully. His prose is fast, furious, and fun. The banter between characters is witty and wry, and Fogarty’s use of wordplay to ratchet up the sexual tension between his non-romantically linked hero and heroine is as entertaining as it is effective...
The plot includes archaeological digs, theological disputes, academic arguments, and scientific discussions aplenty, some of which draw upon passages from the Old Testament, Sumerian legends, Greek literature, and Mayan carvings. Readers won’t get bogged down in any dry debates here, however, as Fogarty has tossed in enough murders, gunfights, car chases, love scenes, and confrontations to fill up a Spielberg action adventure.
The hero, David Sean Connors, a “failed SEAL” turned journalist and part-time laser technician, is as refreshing as he is flawed. For once the main character is more an everyman than a superman, albeit one with a unique skill set and enviable physical endowments. Connors
relies on the brainpower of others, notably the heroine, to guide him through the twists and turns of their adventure.
Fogarty has also given his hero not one or two but three key villains to contend with. These include “a babbling, half-whacked, old Jewish wizard in Jerusalem,” a hard-charging American army colonel, and a cold-blooded Israeli policeman. These and many, many other
characters in the supporting cast pop from the pages and power the plot with their quips and pulp-fiction style antics.
The God Key is not for everyone, but for anyone who is intrigued or entertained by theories of ancient aliens, such as those found in Erich von Däniken’s classic "Chariots of the Gods," or who likes theological thrillers of the Dan Brown variety, this is a must read. Fogarty
may believe in some of the theories that run through his novel, but if he does he never preaches. His goal here is more to entertain than to enlighten, to excite rather than to educate, and he never takes his eyes off that prize.
 - Mark McLaughlin,
Clarion Review

Ancient Babylonian Language Heard for First Time in 2,000 Years

Posted on December 25, 2012 at 5:18 AM Comments comments (33)
The ancient Babylonian language, as spoken by Akkadians, Babylonians and their "gods," the Anunnaki, can now be heard for the first time in 2,000 years.
Two years ago, Cambridge University scholars began resurrecting the "lost" tongue after discovering how the language was originally pronounced and spoken. They began posting readings and poems online, allowing the public to hear the language spoken by earth's earliest civilization and its "gods."
Babylonian was one of the chief languages of Ancient Mesopotamia, dating back as far as the second millennium BC, but died out around 2,000 years ago. Now, after two years of reading and posting audio files, the Cambridge scholars have amassed dozens of recorded readings - including "The Epic of Gilgamesh," man's earliest known
Examples can be heard here.